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Katy Bird


Katy Bird Makeup Artist Birmingham is an award winning makeup artist covering all aspects of makeup and fashion as well as editorial, commercial, television and bridal makeup. 

Katy has an extensive background as a makeup artist and has worked on countless advertising and commercial shoots with a passion for artistry that runs deep. With a natural talent for painting, Katy has an incredible ability to see the face as a canvas to create a range of looks that vary from the adventurous and breathtaking to the simplistic and flawless.

With years of experience, Katy knows what works and uses only the best products to create whatever look is required. 

Whether for commercial or editorial purposes, for special occasions or even events; years of experience has put Katy Bird up there as the best of the best.

HD is always intimidating and creating the perfect, camera ready look requires the right experience.

Katy Bird is trained in photographic makeup so understands how High Definition (HD) television and cameras (that are now being used everywhere) need flawless makeup application. 

As a London Glauca Rossi School of Makeup graduate; Katy knows just how to create the perfect flawless finish. Using only the best, specialist HD cosmetics Katy has perfected the art of creating the right artistic look and knows just how to ensure that everyone feels camera ready.

With HD filming, too much makeup can look obvious while not enough can be problem. Knowing just how to enhance features and conceal the flaws that HD can easily pick up on requires years of experience and Katy has just that. 

Katy has extensive knowledge that includes...

  • Creating the perfect foundation match, whatever the skin type.

  • Creating the ideal, complimentary look.

  • Minimising flaws and creating perfect looking skin.

  • Understanding lighting and photography to ensure makeup looks come out perfectly.

  • Fashion Editorials

  • Lifestyle Editorials

  • Live Catwalk Shows

  • Magazine Articles

  • Ensuring the camera never picks up a thick layer of makeup

  • Using only the right amount and shade of pigmentation

  • Hiding creases, wrinkles and blemishes

  • Creating a flawless finish that won’t look heavy on camera

  • Representing a clear brand message

  • Creating the perfect flawless look

  • Hiding imperfections, blemishes, creases and wrinkles

  • Creating a finish that is ideal under lighting and camera ready

Whatever you require, with Katy Bird feeling beautiful and confident is easy...


'I feel beautiful makeup should be enhancing not masking ' Katy


mobile - 07870368014