To prime or not too prime ... That is the question .

by Katy Bird



As a makeup artist I always highly recommend using a good primer before applying foundation.
There are so many to choose from, different textures, different colours to different names - I'm going to simplify it for you all so that you don't have to spend an entire shopping day looking for a primer!
Although primers are talked about a lot these days there are still people who don't see a reason for spending their hard earned cash on one "as you cannot see it under everything else".
Let me tell you how untrue that is; Primers are such an important part of your beauty routine I would go as far as to say there as important as the foundation for a perfect looking, long lasting base!
They deal with open pores, fine lines, crows feet, discolouration, pigmentation, hydration, shininess, uneven skin texture and stop foundation oxidising - (going patchy and darkening / going orange!) 
It gives your foundation something to sit on, so that the foundation won't soak into your pores and wrinkles, it will sit on top of a smooth even textured base therefore helps to prevent blackheads and breakouts.
Now let's go through types of foundation primers - you have oil free, hydrating, illuminating, correcting and smoothing just to name a few!
I will give you a reason for each;
Firstly always complete your skincare regime, apply your moisturiser and leave a few minutes for it to soak in.


Oil free - for oily/combination skin; can help to mattify shiny skin and smooth out combination 'patches' ..... to create an equally hydrated base which will keep foundation looking great all day, and keep dry/oily areas at bay.
One to buy for unpredictable skin types prone to breakouts.
I recommend NARS oil free primer and smash box photo finish oil free primer.
Hydrating  -for dry/dehydrated, mature and sensitive skin types.
It will help to keep skin supple and hydrated throughout the day, ward off dehydration (which can look like wrinkles) and protect the skin from outside environmental factors thus creating a beautiful canvas with a subtle healthy glow.
An SPF of at least 8 is very helpful too.
I recommend Makeup Forever and Laura Mercier, for a cheaper option Nivea Hydrating Primer / Revlon or Rimmel are also very good.
Illuminating - for dull, dry and lacklustre skin. Great for mature skin as long as there is no glitter or too much sparkle in it.
This primer is used to give radiance and glow back to skin that needs a little lift, we all have times a primer of this sort is useful, tiredness,illness and stress etc. It will give a lovely dewy sheen that will last all day through your foundation.
I recommend RMK creamy makeup base - it's beautiful! Or Laura Mercier, Nars, Mac or Armani to name a few .
Correcting - for discoloured skin types, dull skin, pigmentation, roasea and red/dark patches.
You can get all sorts of correcting primers, green ones for red skin, yellow for ruddiness, pink for luminosity purple for brightness and peach for pigmentation.
These all blend beautifully with your skin, so you won't end up leaving the house looking like the hulk!
I recommend the Smashbox range  or Makeup Forever as talked about below and the NYX range for a cheaper option.
Smoothing - for fine lines, crows feet, open pores and uneven texture.
Brilliant for anyone with a few wrinkles that need ironing out, poly filling open pores and smoothing your skin out to an even texture, this is a great quick fix before a party, leaves you looking fresh and flawless.
I recommend NARS smoothing primer and MUA do one that's about £3 and is actually pretty good.
So now you have the knowledge it shouldn't take too long to find your perfect primer.
Once you've worked out your skin type your good to go! 





So now you have the knowledge it shouldn't take too long to find your perfect primer.
Once you've worked out your skin type your good to prime ! 


Makeup For Ever Step 1 Primers


Makeup Forever primers are amazing, and have every possible skin type covered . Look at the makeup forever website for details on each primer ,  but as you can see they have a large range,  that are just fantastic . Worth the spend for sure .. The range - some colour correct , smooth, Illuminate ,  mattify etc 

The makeup forever range - 10 primers for every skin type possible .  - 

The makeup forever range - 10 primers for every skin type possible . - 

Number 1-Mattifying Primer

Number 2- Smoothing Primer

 Number 3- Hydrating Primer

 Number -4 nourishing Primer 

Number 5- Redness Correcting

Number 6- Radiant Primer- Pink

Number 7- Radiant Primer- Light Blue

  Number 8-Radiant Primer- Peach

Number 9- Radiant Primer- Yellow

Number 10- Radiant Primer- Caramel

 Each tube contains  30ml  of product and retail at £26.95 each.

 Purchase at





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